Mulch can do so many things for our gardens and plants.  No matter the style or type of wood mulch you choose, there are several great benefits.

Help control weeds  – A layer of mulch at least 3″ thick can help a block out weeds reducing competition for resources with your plants.  Any weeds that do sprout in mulch pull out easier too!

Retain moisture your plants need by reducing evaporation of moisture from the soil.

Reduces mower and weed whip damage by creating a buffer around trees trunks, shrubs and other plants.  Your plants are less likely to suffer damage when the lawn does not need to be mowed right up to the trunk or base of the plant clearing marking a Do Not Mow zone. 


Improves the soil as the wood slowly decomposes over the course of several years, adding organic matter back into the soil making it a better spot to grow your plants.  Mulch does need replenishing every few years as it breaks down or to refresh the color as desired.

Makes your yard look amazing!  Nothing makes your plants shine more than fresh mulch especially when you have gone through the hard work of weeding.  Your plants will thank you for it and you can enjoy all the compliments you get on how beautiful your yard looks.


Don’t forget to check out our Mulch Calculator to help determine how much you need to complete your project.  Whether you need a few bags or a several yards, Sargent’s has several styles and colors of wood mulch available for purchase or delivery.  Someone is always available anytime the Garden Center is open to help carry out bags or load your truck or trailer too.