We are plant people!

We are plant people and we want to share our passion with you! If you’ve had the opportunity to visit our garden center, we hope you had a moment to connect with our team. We love helping folks find just the right plants, supplies, and décor to make their homes and outdoor spaces comfortable, beautiful, and better for the environment. If you haven’t yet, stop on in and say “Hello”!

Dave Lewis

Dave Lewis
President/General Manager
MNLA Certified Nursery/Landscape Professional

Started in 1995

A fourth-generation member of the Sargent’s Nursery family, Dave is passionate about plants, people, and the natural environment. Dave holds a BS in horticulture and nursery management from the University of Minnesota and is a Certified Nursery/Landscape Professional and Fellow of the Minnesota Nursery & Landscape Association. Dave feels lucky to make his living selling plants and products that beautify, enhance, and protect the local environment and our communities! He is proud to call Red Wing home and lives there with his wife, Nikki, and their two children!

Anne Matzek
Landscape Designer
MNLA Certified Landscape Professional
Started in 2005

As a fourth-generation Sargent, Anne grew up in the family business. Shadowing her parents, Lloyd and Julie Peterson, she was able to weave her lifelong passion for design and her knowledge of plants together successfully! Anne enjoys creating outdoor living spaces and has an experienced feel for how plants will work in your landscape, having served as the garden care crew leader for 10 years!

Contact Anne: annem@sargentsnursery.com

Sarah Blue
Landscape Designer
MNLA Certified Landscape Professional
Started in 2005

Sarah is an ardent lover of horticulture. Her designs are always stunning and well-thought through, giving them an easy practicality that delights homeowners. Sarah holds an undergraduate degree in Applied Design and has served as both a Master Gardener and Tree Care Advisor through the University of Minnesota Extension. Sarah is passionate about native plants, prairie restoration, and pollinator species.

Contact Sarah: sarahb@sargentsnursery.com

Logan Leonard
Lead Grower
Started in 2006

As Sargent’s Lead Grower, Logan organizes, plants, grows, arranges and combines thousands of beautiful annuals each spring for our retail garden center, city parks, and multiple city basket programs. Logan’s work can be seen all around Sargent’s all year long, as well as in the Red Wing Moss Baskets and downtown planters you’ll see around town. Logan—who studied horticulture at Dakota County Technical College—also helps organize events, teaches workshops, and worked as a Sargent’s landscape installer for many years.

Contact Logan: loganl@sargentsnursery.com

Nathan Borowski
Garden Care Manager
Started in 2022

Since a young age, Nathan has enjoyed gardening and that love became a full-on passion with age. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Horticulture from U.W. River Falls and comes to Sargent’s with a wide variety of experience; including landscape maintenance, greenhouse operations, hydroponics, and landscape design. He enjoys educating people about all aspects of landscape maintenance and you’ll find his friendly demeanor a happy sight in your garden. Nathan’s love of plants extends to his home, where he cares for his collection of tropical indoor plants. When he is not actively gardening, he can be found biking and traveling to new and exciting places.

Contact Nathan: nathanb@sargentsnursery.com

Brandon Hirman
Landscape Installation Foreman
Started in 2010

Brandon’s ability to take a design and make it a reality is always certain. He holds a degree from UW River Falls in Horticulture and is an incredibly dependable and knowledgeable Foreman. He enjoys a challenge and meets it with a level-head and consistent pace, always showing a great respect for the client’s property, and ensuring the process is the least invasive it can be.

Contact Brandon: brandonh@sargentsnursery.com

Kelley Legner
Landscape Designer
Started 2023

With 18 years of landscaping experience, Kelley strives to utilize solid design principles along with her plant-focused approach to design. Her plant selections are always based on the specific needs of the site and project, which helps ensure success for her clients after the project is complete.

Contact Kelley: kelleyl@sargentsnursery.com

Garden Supplies

Julie Peterson
Landscape Designer
MNLA Certified Landscape Professional
Started 1983-Retired 2023

Julie retired in August 2023 from a decades-long career of award-winning design work. She can now be found in her home gardens, in her quilting studio, or with her family. 

If you’d like to read about Julie’s career and legacy, click here.

If you’d like to contact Julie, she will still be available via email.

Contact Julie: juliep@sargentsnursery.com


The Minnesota Nursery & Landscape Association, in collaboration with the University of Minnesota as well as other institutions of higher learning, offers the Certified Professional designation.

MNLA-CPs have studied a broad range of horticultural topics and have then passed a rigorous examination of general industry knowledge, as well as an examination within their specialty field (grower, garden center, or landscape). Continuing education is required to maintain the status. These individuals are committed to the industry and are a great resource to customers for knowledgeable information.

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The employees are all very knowledgeable and friendly.

–Jane Rietmann

Craig Stehr
Craig Stehr
Superior selection! Superior product availability! Superior, friendly, helpful employees!
Rose Kronebusch
Rose Kronebusch
Was a great experience, they helped us find what we needed for plants in our flower beds.
Randy Stein
Randy Stein
Great nursery stock and fine employees
Kirsten Fredricksen
Kirsten Fredricksen
Love this place! We have purchased all of our trees and bushes here! Just this year we purchased several lilacs, a maple, pines, and more. Wonderful quality and great prices. Everyone is beyond helpful. And they have such a great selection. If you haven't checked this place out, go!
Jan Prenger
Jan Prenger
Beautiful entrance to garden center always filled with lovely plants and products for your garden or home. Pots plants tree and shrubs..fun place great staff!
Julia Powers
Julia Powers
They already have Spring flowers in blossom and out for sale.

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