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Thoughtful landscaping can resolve a number of property drainage issues, enhance the appearance of your exterior space, and makes your yard more inviting, helping you spend more time enjoying the outdoors. At Sargent’s Nursery, our landscape designers use their considerable plant knowledge to take great care in choosing the right plants for the right space to ensure successful, beautiful, and functional landscapes. Our landscaping team can also design and install innovative hardscapes such as patios, walls, edging, and accents.


We understand that your property is a direct reflection of you and your family. That’s why our designers create inspired project plans that thoughtfully improve your landscape to specifically suit your lifestyle. Our design team can take your outdoor dream and turn it into a beautiful reality that adds value to your home!

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Each of our landscaping projects begins with our proven creative design and estimating process.

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We start by scheduling a consultation with one of our landscape designers. They will come to your home or business to review your needs and discuss your project in detail, including the scope, budget, timing, and phasing requirements. We’ll talk through any ideas or inspiration you have and then take measurements and notes on your land, existing plants, and the current hardscaping. We’ll use all this information to create a comprehensive design solution over the next two weeks.

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After establishing your project needs and goals, your designer will develop a truly unique landscape tailored to you. Our designers are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis and strive to complete the design within two weeks of our initial consultation. Timing does vary depending on demand and the time of year you request services.

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Next, we will develop a comprehensive proposal based on our findings. Our landscape design fees will be determined based on the size of your property, its location, and the complexity of your needs. We will confirm the fee structure during your initial consultation and all fees are due after your landscape project is complete. Since each site and job is unique, we price according to your specific site conditions and material costs. A scaled design is required to show and aid in calculating these elements.

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Our installation team will schedule your project once we’ve received a signed agreement and your deposit. In general, the work is done on a first come, first served basis. We pride ourselves on continuous installation once we get started, as long as the weather cooperates.

Your Sargent’s Nursery landscape designer will act as your trusted resource and be on-hand to answer your questions and guide you through the project from start to finish.

Consultation, Planning, and Project Fees


Meet with one of our landscaping experts for 30-60 minutes for a consultation at your property. This option does not include a proposal or scaled drawings, but we will provide our project notes and ideas for you to use. This option is best for homeowners who need advice on small areas or would like a brainstorming session on landscape solutions.


Our Master Plan opportunity includes a detailed drawing of your entire lot, including all existing walkways, gardens, and other amenities. New construction homes typically require the Master Plan.

$100 TO $500

We will adjust your fee based on the scale, scope, and difficulty of your project. An average lot will be around $250, while smaller portions of a lot or individual gardens may be $150 each.


Available by special request, our 3D renderings can take two to six hours per view.

Installation Services

Landscaping Installation

We focus on reliable and top-quality workmanship and professionalism and use quality plants and materials to create our beautiful and functional landscapes. Our installation experts have the capacity and experience to successfully execute any size landscape project, from planting a single tree all the way to comprehensive property transformations. Feel confident knowing that whether we plant a small collection of perennials or install a large landscape, our approach is the same and will bring value to your property for years to come.

We will touch base with you regularly during the installation process. Your designer will consult with you on any required changes or questions that might arise. We will be sure to discuss any issues that may come up during the project in a clear and timely fashion. If we need your input, we will get it before we proceed with installation.


We’ve had the wonderful opportunity to design and install beautiful landscapes all around the Red Wing area.
We’ve gathered our favorite projects for you to explore:

Gardens & Planters

Gardens & Planters

Walls, Patios, Walkways

Walls, Patios, Walkways

Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living

Ponds & Water Features

Ponds & Water Features

Storm Water Management

Storm Water Management

Native Plants & Pollinators

Native Plants & Pollinators

Future Garden Care

Your landscaping services won’t end after our initial planting! Our designers are there for you to watch it grow, provide advice, and answer questions along the way! We can schedule spring and fall cleanups for your new garden, plant seasonal flowers for you, or start planning new projects.

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We encourage you to visit the garden center to explore our full offerings and connect with our team of experts. Our team is on hand to help with any questions you have, and can help you with memorials, deliveries, special orders, and tree planting and more…

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