Residential & Commercial Garden Care Services

We offer residential and commercial garden maintenance programs to help you care for your landscape, seasonal containers, and garden plantings.

Our garden care services may be purchased, as needed, throughout the year, but we do recommend yearly maintenance plans to ensure your gardens receive optimal, reliable care throughout the year. Our monthly service plan is an ideal structure that includes a single or double visit each month, allowing us to keep your gardens and planters looking fresh, vibrant, and healthy.

Call or email our Garden Care Manager to review your needs, estimate costs, and help you determine the best plan for you! Services are purchased on an hourly basis, plus materials & debris disposal.

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The team of individuals were fantastic, friendly, and approachable. The resurrection of my garden was like a miracle!

–Linda Tyler, Ellsworth, WI

Very detail oriented crew!

–Phil Johnson, Mendota Heights, MN

Garden Care Services


Spring Garden Prep and Fall Clean-Up

Weeding and Deadheading

Complete Garden Rescues

Deer and Rabbit Control

Seasonal Container Garden Planting

Mulch and Compost Top Dressing

Annual Garden Planting

Container Garden Watering

Shrub Trimming

Dividing and Transplanting Perennials

Minor Tree Pruning

Fertilize Trees, Shrubs, Perennials, and Annuals

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As a business owner, it is SO nice to have a company that is so willing to assist my needs with plant care, support, maintenance. I have the best-looking pots out in front of my office and Anne is always helpful in giving me tips on how to keep them thriving. I thoroughly enjoy being a part of the wonderful events Sargent’s hosts during the winter months. I live all the way in Prescott and their rock delivery is always on time! This business is a Red Wing fave of mine!”

–Lindsey Dietrich

Garden Care Services


Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or both, you can enjoy our lush and vibrant flowering annual displays in pots, containers, and annual planting beds. We can also help you transition these plantings into fall and winter arrangements as well!

Contact our Garden Care Services Manager to schedule a time to meet at your home or business for a consultation and free estimate.

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We encourage you to visit the garden center to explore our full offerings and connect with our team of experts. Our team is on hand to help with any questions you have, and can help you with memorials, deliveries, special orders, and tree planting and more…

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