Blueberries, currants and gooseberries oh my!  It is easy to add some fresh fruit to your landscape.  Many plants take up little space and can be planted in your landscape right along with spireas and evergreens.  Blueberries are a great example.  Many pants are about 4’x4′ or smaller and are an attractive shrub with spring flowers and beautiful fall color. Blueberries do require a bit of extra care every year and at planting time but the fruit is so worth it.


Currants are perfect for making jams and jellies.  The variety ‘Red Lake’ is the most popular and was developed by the U of M.


Photo Credit Bailey Nurseries


If you have a little more space cherry trees can be great choice. Shown here is ‘Sweet Cherry Pie’ and it is about the size of a crab apple tree getting about 15′ tall and 12′ wide.  Sweetest of the sour cherries and perfect for pies, jam and other desserts.

Photo Credit - Bailey Nurseries

Photo Credit – Bailey Nurseries

Sargent’s also has apple, apricot and plum trees plus other small fruits including gooseberries and raspberries.