I can’t remember what I did yesterday sometimes, much less remember what I planted where in my garden and how it did!  A garden journal is a fantastic way to keep track of so many of the gardening notes that are really useful year to year.   Here is a brief list of things that can be helpful and interesting to track:

  • What varieties of plants were grown and where they were purchased (Sargent’s Nursery of course!)
  • Weather notes on dry or wet periods and times where it was warmer or colder than usual
  • Pest problems or encounters – what pest/disease, what plants, and when
  • Results – what plants did you like or not care for, bloom times and length, would you plant again?

At my house, our vegetable garden’s history for the last 9 years resides in a garden diagram on our computer with all the details of what was planted where, when the seeds were started, when plants or seeds went in the ground, and any other important notes.  The rest of my yard is pretty carefree, but I do frequently make a season-end list of what should be moved, replaced or had problems. journal

Journaling can be done in a digital form or in any old notebook, but if you are looking for something as fun and beautiful as your garden, stop in for a copy of “A Gardener’s Five Year Record Book”.  It’s month-by-month, free form pages allow notes of any kind.  This journal makes a great gift for yourself or anyone who loves gardening as much as you do!