If you haven’t already started planting you will be soon and what is the easiest way to fill your pots and beds with instant color – ANNUALS!  Walk into the garden center and you will be in awe of all the colors and texture. But where to start? Planting flowers should be fun and rewarding, not stressful.  When selecting annuals it is really hard to go wrong when picking colors.  Don’t be afraid and choose the plants and colors you like!

Anne's Shady Combo

But first, what are annuals anyway?  Annuals are plants that complete their growth in just one season so once the cold hits that’s all folks.  Unlike perennial plants that come back every year, annuals can bloom all summer long with a few tips.

Here are a few tips to keep your annuals blooming!

  • Choose the right plants for the amount of sun light you have.  Sun-lovers like petunias, million bells and lantana just won’t thrive and bloom well in a spot that gets just a bit of morning sun.  Check the plant tags for a range of acceptable light conditions for each plant.
  • Please don’t forget to water your annuals.  Morning water is always best since the plants have plenty of moisture to make it through the heat of the day – especially come late July!  It always best to check first.  Poke a finger down an inch or two into the soil and if it feels dry, water.  Gently lift your hanging basket from the bottom to feel how heavy it is when just watered and soon you will get the feel for when it is in need of water.
  • Fertilizing is very important and what nutrients are in the soil aren’t enough to keep your annuals blooming all summer.  Sargent’s has selection of Miracle Gro, Osmocote and other fertilizers depending on your needs.
  • Don’t be afraid to prune, pinch or cut back your annuals.  An occasional trim or pinching back encourages bushier, sturdy growth and can extend the life of your plantings.

 Happy Planting!