This time of year it is nice to see something green indoors with all the cold and snow outside.  Houseplants make a great accent to any home, but also provide benefits such as cleaner air, improved well being and they also make a space look and feel better too.


Blooming Cyclamen

We spend a lot of time indoors at home or at work and energy improvements and air conditioning can reduce the amount of fresh air we get in those closed spaces.  Plants help improve our indoor environments by cleaning pollution out of indoor air and by converting C02 to oxygen.  Additionally, lots of products in our homes break down over time and emit chemicals into the air.  Plants like spider plants, peace lilies, ficus, palms and more can help remove these chemicals from the air.

Plants also can improve our well being.  Just by adding a few plants you can feel better physically and emotionally. Plants increase humidity which is great in winter months when our homes tend to be dryer, making breathing easier. Having plants in your environment can also reduce stress, help you relax, can even lower blood pressure and improve concentration.  Studies have shown plants in office environments helped reduced tiredness and cold type illnesses and even that plants help hospital patients recover faster and with less medication too.

In the home plants also absorb noise and lessen dust.  They help our interior spaces feel more open, cared for and cleaner. Everyone can use a little green and colorful boost during the cold and often drab winter months.  Stop in at Sargent’s and our staff can help you find the perfect plants to brighten your space.