House Plants

Here we are in January.  I like to think of it as the ‘clean slate’ month.  All the holiday decorations have been packed away and the weather insists that I stay in and deal with the house.  I like to really look at my rooms and rearrange, straighten and edit.  It’s a great time to give our house plants some attention, too.  House plants as a design trend are here to stay, and for good reason, they help purify our indoor air, instantly cheer up a room and are very affordable.   

  Green houseplants in interior of modern room

Because plants are living things, they are going to need some care; even if it’s minimal.

Sun loving plants on window-sills are going to need you to make sure they aren’t too close to, or touching, your windows on sub-zero nights.
If you don’t have a good south/eastern window, consider supplemental lighting.  LED grow lights come in all manner of configurations—from larger set-ups to $10 bulbs you can put into an existing lamp—and are a minimal energy expense.

Dendrobium orchid. Home plats growing on window sill. Interior decor with flowers







Mind your watering!

Many plants in response to shorter days and less sunlight will essentially stop growing and that reduces watering needs.  Since most homes in our region are quite dry and low in humidity, the top layer of soil may dry out but the plant may remain wet around the roots.  Best way to check is with a soil moisture meter or gently lift the pot to see if it’s light in weight, this would indicate the soil is dry.  

Small urban garden on the balcony. Blooming red petunia, osteospermum and thunbergia in flower pots and containers, and orange watering can.

If you have humidity loving plants – think ferns and orchids – consider moving them into a bathroom where they can benefit from shower steam.  The slant of the winter sun really highlights every speck of dust on plant leaves!  Giving plants a shower to remove surface dust allows them to maximize limited winter sunlight with clean leaves.  

Succulent Success

The most successful indoor plants for me have been succulents. Defined as xeriscape plants that store moisture in their thick, fleshly leaves, they grow well with low humidity, don’t require lots of watering and come in a vast array of shapes and colors.  Typically slow growing, a single specimen in an interesting ceramic pot makes a great easy care gift.  








Year round, Sargent’s Nursery in Red Wing carries an ever-changing selection of house plants. New plants come in weekly and special orders are welcome if you are looking for a unique selection.
Knowledgeable staff can help you pick out the perfect plant and answer your specific plant care questions!

Sarah Blue
Certified Landscape Designer