We love Boxwoods.

They are wonderful landscape shrubs that are deer-resistant, easy to care for, and stay green all winter long.  Anything that can bring color to home landscapes during the bleakest of winters is okay with us!  While Boxwoods are easy to grow and care for, we want to remind our Zone 4 folks in the Red Wing area that it’s important to continue watering your Boxwoods, especially those newly planted this season, up until the ground freezes in early to mid-November.

Watering for winter prep is as easy as giving your shrubs at least a couple gallons–the total will depend on their overall size–every other week through October and into November!

This deep pre-winter watering will help the shrubs store water in their leaves that they can access all winter long, and in turn, will help prevent winter burn or wilt.

Step-up your protection…

Wilt Stop

If you’re looking for other ways to prevent wilt, we offer Bonide’s anti-transpirant called Wilt Stop. You apply it to the leaves of your Boxwood, and it helps to reduce moisture loss when they are under stress.
Just pop in and pick some up, or ask our staff if you have questions about whether Wilt Stop is right for you or about its application!