Not the latest video game or kids toy.  Kokedama is Japanese for “moss ball” and is one of the newest trends in plants.  Ideal for hanging and flowering plants, kokedamas are a unique way to display hanging plants in your home or outdoors.  The moss balls can also sit on a decorative tray or dish instead of hanging too.  Almost only plants can be used but a few great options are orchids, bromeliads, succulents, ferns and any flowering plants.


Traditionally kokedamas involve mixing soil and making a mud ball to put the plant in.  The mud ball is then wrapped with moss which is secured with twine.  It can be a bit difficult with only two hands and is for sure messy.  We have eliminated the mess for you with easy to plant kodedamas from SuperMoss.  The moss balls are made of durable woven moss for a long lasting arrangement, are available in two sizes and either natural or preserved green moss. Purchase the moss balls then just add soil and a plant.


Kodedama kits are also available so grab a kit and choose your plants.