If you want your annual flowers to look their best and bloom all summer long don’t forget to fertilize and dead-head.  A slow release for containers works well, but probably needs to be supplemented with water-soluble fertilizer later in the season.  Otherwise using Miracle Gro or Bloom Booster regularly will keep your flowers looking great and blooming like crazy.  If you have a lot of petunias or one of our beautiful Red Wing Baskets, we recommend alternating between regular Miracle-Gro and Miracid. 0624151214b

Most annuals can benefit from removal of spent blossoms.  It makes the plant look neater and encourages flowering.  Now if you have some of our beautiful Supertunias you can skip that step.  Whether planted in containers, hanging baskets or in the ground these bloomers do not need to be deadhead.  Pick away if it makes you feel better… but you don’t have too.