Rewarding Edibles…

Growing your own fruit can be a deeply rewarding experience, but it also requires a pretty solid commitment on your part as these plants will require care year after year. Knowing how you will use your fruit is a good place to start when deciding what, and how much, you’d like to grow.

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If you’re just looking to eat fresh fruit, you probably don’t need several shrubs of the same variety. Then you end up with a massive harvest, all ripen around the same time and you won’t be able to consume them as fast as they produce! But maybe you’re greedy for these delicious gems of summer and want to freeze, bake or can preserves, so you’re looking for a sizeable harvest so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor long after the growing season has ended, in which case, the more the merrier!
We have included links to the University Extension Service’s Articles on Each Fruit so that you might learn even more about growing, caring for and using small fruits.
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Listed below are the varieties of small fruits we have in currently have in stock.


Edibles–Current Varieties

Note: Some varieties may sell out before you arrive and other varieties may arrive before you stop in to shop!


Patriot $21.99
Large blue fruit with excellent flavor, ripening in late July
Excellent Landscape plant with its spring flowers and orange fall color
Plant in moist, acidic soil, fortified with organic matter
Full Sun | 4-6’T x 4-5’W | Zone 4-7


Caroline $21.99
Large, vigorous plants are proven to be one of the most productive varieties and the new standard for fall-bearing raspberries.
Full Sun| 3-4’ T x 3-4’ W | Zone 4-7

Fallgold $21.99
Plants produce an early spring crop of enormous golden yellow berries of sweet, juicy and firm fruit, then again in July-August!
Full Sun | 3-4’ T x 3-4’ W | Zone 4-8

Boyne $21.99
Bright red, aromatic berries have a medium acidity. They grow on vigorous, erect, and sturdy shrubs. These berries are excellent for canning, freezing, and desserts. These are very productive and extremely hardy.
Full Sun | 4-6’ T x 3-4’ W | Zone 3-8

Heritage $21.99
Medium-sized, red berries have delicious flavor and are exceptional for eating fresh, and for pies and jams. Plants produce a crop in mid-July, then again in early September.
Full Sun | 3-4’ T x 3-4’ W | Zone 4-8

Raspberry Shortcake $36.99
A dwarf and compact variety that doesn’t need a lot of space, needs no staking and has NO THORNS! So these super sweet berries–that ripen mid-summer–are great for children and adults!
Full Sun | 2-3’ T x 2-3’ W | Zone 4


Edelweiss $21.99
Greenish-white fruit is sweet and pleasant flavored with high sugar content make it an excellent dessert of white wine grape. It’s very hardy, highly disease resistant and ripens in late August.
Full Sun | Zone 4-8

Bluebell $21.99
Resembling the concord grape, the bluebell has a more tender skin and greater hardiness and is a substitute for the concord in northern areas. This grape ripens in early to mid-September and is a good table grape.
Full Sun | Zone 4-8

Somerset Seedless $24.99
This grape ripens in early September and bears small, tight clusters of deep red seedless berries that are great for the table or for juicing!
Full Sun | Zone 4-8