Feed Backyard Birds Year Round

The popularity of feeding backyard birds year round has grown in the last few years with folks spending more time in their homes. Much of the popular backyard feeding is done in the ways you normally think of with bird feeders, seed, and suet–these are all great ways to help out backyard birds that don’t migrate. Access to food and open water is important for species that winter in Minnesota and Wisconsin, but aside from the usual feeders, there’s another great way that you can plan to help birds in the winter…

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There are many species of birds that stick around the area in the winter time–Cardinals, Blue Jays, Nuthatches, Chickadees, goldfinches, Juncos, House finches, Woodpeckers, and more can be found in woods, parks, meadows, and backyards all over the region. These birds need sources of food and open water in order to maintain healthy populations, and supplemental feeding provides food for the birds, and enjoyment for many people, including families with small children.

One way to contribute to the winter bird food supply for backyard birds, that goes beyond the standard bird feeder, is to plant perennials in the spring and summer and to leave the seed heads of flowers and grasses up in the fall. Not cutting down your garden, and leaving these seeds for birds provides them with a food source every winter! Below is our list of eight perennial plants that make great natural bird food every winter:

Eight Perennials for Feeding Backyard Birds