Allium, dogwood, and native grasses give beauty to all seasons…
When we plant, we love to plant with all seasons in mind. The first growth in spring is exciting and green, the colors of flowers and foliage in the summer are always delightful and bold…then autumn hits and there’s a shift, vibrant towards subdued and we still love the textures and movement of the landscapes. And today, on the longest night of the year (shortest day), we can enjoy the quiet and stillness, and the landscape blanketed by snow. Our plants still show off their winter looks with textures and playful snow caps.
Their stems make homes for insects who now sleep, their branches shelter birds and other animals and provide winter food. There’s a lot going on in the quiet stillness of our landscapes a lot to appreciate and to plan for in future patches and corners of our yards. Just like we can appreciate the the longest night of the year, with its full moon and as harbinger of longer days to come, we can appreciate the beauty of plants during this winter season. Blessings.

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