Maybe mums aren’t your thing or you are just looking for some built-in ways to add a burst of fall color to your front yard and gardens. We have a few fantastic ideas for incorporating more fall color into your landscape year after year!

Korean Maples are a great substitute if you love the look of a Japanese maple, but want something more suited to our northern climate.  This small, hard tree grows to 15-20′ tall and wide.  The fall color display is hard to beat.

Korean Maplwe

Photo courtesy of Monrovia


Limoncello Barberry is a compact shrub grows to 4′ x 4′.  Its chartruese, red lined leaves turn beautiful yellow, orange and red in fall.  Deer resistant too!


Photo courtesy of First Editions


Mukdenia is a shade perennial with glossy, fan-shaped leaves and small clusters of white flowers in early spring, but it really shines as we head into fall and the leaves begin to turn red.  Does best in part sun.


Photo courtesy of Monrovia


Turtlehead ‘Hot Lips’ is a great late blooming perennial with dark green foliage until the snapdragon like flowers burst in early fall.  Growing to about 2′ x 2′ ‘Hot Lips’ is very adaptable, but does best in wetter, part shade areas.  Great for rain gardens too!


Blueberries are delicious and the plants are very attractive as a landscape plant as well.  With pretty bell-shaped, white flowers in spring and delicious berries in mid-summer, the fall color is stunning as well.  With a few tips and a little extra care, you can enjoy them right in your own backyard.