Although we wish the summer would last a bit longer, we are quickly reminded that we are not in charge of the weather around here.   Now is the time to embrace the season with beautiful flowering mums, kale, grasses and more.  Sargent’s also has beautiful fall decor to decorate inside your home too.

With the quick change in the weather your indoor plants will need to be ushered back indoors and fast!  The lows starting tonight are well  below the magic number of 50 degrees that tropical houseplants can tolerate.  Plan on moving these at least in the garage tonight.  It is also a good idea to treat these plants to a good cleaning to wash away any dirt and bugs before bringing them in.  Check for bugs and be sure to treat your plants with a systemic insecticide like Bonide Systemic Granules to reduce your chances of having lingering pests indoors.  A quick inspection is in order and be sure to get those frogs and toads off them too.  They make an unwelcome house guest.  Trust me on this one!