October is still a great time for adding trees, shrubs and evergreens to your landscape.  Leaves may be falling, but plants are busy growing roots and getting settled in your garden. Sargent’s has healthy, fresh trees, shrubs and perennials to choose from and enjoy seasonal sales too.

Follow these few easy tips to make your fall plantings a success.

Plant Get all plants in the ground before it freezes.  Leafy trees and shrubs can be planted well into November, but it is a good idea to plant evergreens before the last days of October.  Most importantly don’t leave containerized trees and shrubs in the pots for the winter as they will not survive.  Getting them in the ground late is better than not at all.

Improve the soil Planting time is the best time to add soil amendments like compost, manure or Organic Garden Soil to help improve drainage and moisture retention.  Here is a case of less is more.  Fill the planting hole with at least 50% of the native soil.  Dig the planting hole at least twice the width of the root ball but no deeper than the container.  Wider planting holes make it easier for the new roots to venture out to find water and nutrients leading to a more stable tree or shrub as it matures.


Water at planting and as needed until the ground freezes.  Sufficient moisture is critical for new plants and established evergreens to prevent winter burn and browning.  Be mindful of all the rainfall we are getting.  Overwatering can kill your plants too.


Mulch makes a planting looked finished, but it also helps retain moisture over the roots and minimizes temperature fluctuations that can damage plant roots.  2-4″ of mulch depth is enough, just be sure the mulch is a few inches away from the tree trunk or base of the shrub to prevent rot and rodent damage to the bark.


Take advantage of the fall season to transplant shrubs and perennials you may want to move to a different part of your garden and to  divide and replant perennials.

Sargent’s Nursery always lets you plant with confidence – our  trees and shrubs are zone hardy and come with Sargent’s Plant Guarantee.   Extend your guarantee and protect your investment for 5 years with Myke All-Natural Root Enhancer