The leaves are falling and that means Sargent’s has a few extra lawn care tips to help keep your lawn healthy.

  • About all those leaves –  raking the leaves in the fall removes the debris that can cause problems with snow mold in the spring.  All those leftover leaves come spring can also slow spring growth and green-up.
  • Even though the temps are cooler, the rain has been pretty minimal the last month.  Watering your lawn just one inch can help keep it healthy going into winter.
  • Keep you lawn mowed to around 2″ to prevent animal damage and snow mold.  Don’t just scalp it at the last mowing, but gradually reduce the height as you approach the last mowing of the season. winterizer
  • If you haven’t yet, apply Bonide Winterizer fertilizer to maintain a healthy lawn and have a green, beautiful lawn next spring.

Sargent’s staff is ready to assist you with all your lawn care questions.