If you are looking for a plant for the holidays but want something a bit different, take a look at the Frosty Fern. Not really a fern, but rather a clubmoss, Selaginella ‘Frosty’ has flat, scale-like leaves, similar to an arborvitae. It got its frosty name because the end of the leaves have a distinct white or frosted look making it a perfect plant for the winter and holidays.



The Frosty Fern prefers bright, indirect light and moist soil so water when the soil starts to feel dry on top or the pot feels light.  In our winter heated homes, plan on watering every few days.  If it is wilting water right away.  Drainage is a must and misting is not recommended.

Frosty ferns can be a challenge as a long lived houseplant since they prefer an environment much more humid than our homes when the heating is running regularly.  To increase humidity group plants together or set on a tray of pebbles with water. Frosty ferns do very well in open or closed terrariums or a glass cloche which trap humidity.  If the ends are turning  brown or crispy lack of humidity is the likely culprit.


Frosty fern can also produce long, straight aerial roots that descend from the stems towards the soil.