Looking to learn how to plant garlic in the fall? Here’s your guide!
Read more about how to plant the two varieties of garlic we carry in September and October each year.


German Red

Italian variety was brought back to Canada by Al Music in the 1980s from his homeland. Bright white bulbs with a hint of pink and brown on clove skins. Large cloves are easy-to-peel. Rich, sweet, and caramelly when roasted. Delicious and spicy raw flavor.
4-7 cloves per bulb
Easy-to-peel with a very hot and spicy flavor that garlic lovers appreciate. Medium to deep red in color. Best planted in the fall. Valued for its scapes–the flower stems that grow from the tops of garlic in early summer. Scapes spice up recipes in early summer and look fabulous in floral arrangements.
18-10 cloves per bulb
Depending on the variety each bulb has 4-10 cloves, each one of those cloves is planted and becomes a new bulb, and each year’s harvest can provide next year’s cloves for planting! It’s an infinite loop! With such never-ending potential, a few bulbs are a great investment!
If you’re new to the idea of overwintering garlic or new to growing garlic in general, learn how to plant fall garlic and overwinter in the link below!
We carry everything you need to plant:
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