Now’s the time to “Think Spring” and plan on planting spring flowering bulbs. When they begin to peek out and show off their brightly colored flowers, you’ll be glad you did! Bulbs like tulips, daffodils, allium and other spring flowering bulbs are best planted late September through the month of October. Bulbs are low maintenance plants that can give your spring garden all sorts of color without too much work.

Here are a few tips to planting them in your garden…

  • Plant bulbs in odd numbers and in groups of seven or more bulbs in each planting area.
  • Choose a variety of colors, heights and bloom times for the best display.
  • Select daffodils and allium if deer can be a problem for you.  It never fails that a deer will come along and nip off all of your tulip blooms just before they are about to open.
  • Plant the bulbs  2-3 times the height of the bulb deep or follow the planting depth on the package.
  • Plant the bulb with the pointy side is up and cover completely with soil.
  • Once planted in the ground give the area a good drink of water.
  • Cover the planting areas with wire mesh or use a granular animal repellent like Repels-All to keep critters like squirrels from digging up your hard work.


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