Autumn is officially here, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy gardening in the the crisp air and falling leaves.  September and October are great months to get some garden projects tackled so here are few you can get done and feel great about!

Fall Bulbs – Dig and drop em The best thing about planting bulbs in the fall for spring blooms is you forget about them.  I have repeatedly forgotten I had planted daffodils or tulips in certain areas and am surprised when they pop up and bloom in early spring.  Of course then I remember I did indeed plant some in that spot but for how easy it is to dig a small hole, drop in a bulb and water, it is so worth planting a little spring treat for yourself.  Check out this previous post for tips on planting bulbs.


Plant! Fall really is the perfect planting time for trees, shrubs, evergreens and perennials too.  Have some overgrown perennials at home?  Dig, divide and replant with a bit of compost to save yourself some work in spring.  I always have big plans to divide plants in the spring, but life gets busy and I don’t always get to it before the plants get too big.

Fertilize lawn As the temperatures cool our lawns are busy growing roots.  Too ensure a quicker green up and healthy lawn next spring apply Bonide’s Winterizer to strengthen the grass before the snow flies.

Treat weeds Creeping charlie is one weed that responds to best to treatment in the fall and with Weed Beater Ultra you can effectively treat the weeds in cooler temperatures.  Treating now and again in spring to get those weeds under control.


Mulch Mulch is great for so many things and fall is a great time to mulch a new area or top dress parts of your garden that may be a little low.  Mulch will help protect your plants from shifts in temperatures this fall and spring as the seasons change and also will help conserve moisture during the winter months as well.