Once we get a few warm days everyone gets anxious to get in the garden after the long and sometimes lingering winter.  Unless you have spring flowering bulbs like tulips and daffodils, you may think you need to wait until our average last frost in mid-May to start planting. Lucky for us there are many annuals that will tolerate colder temps even as cool as the mid 20s!

Many people are aware of  pansies, violas and Johnny-jump-ups since these are the first flowers you may see in the greenhouse in spring.  Pansies are very hardy and come in a variety of colors and many people enjoy their “faces”.  Pansy bowls are available to purchase now and our 6-pack pansies and violas will be ready next week.  


Dianthus or pinks is another spring weather plant. Around a foot tall in white, pinks and reds they make a nice additional to the garden or your containers.

Dianthus Diane Mix - Photo credit: Harris Seed

Dianthus Diane Mix – Photo credit: Harris Seed

Snapdragons may make you think of summer, but the are another cold tolerant option for an early spring container.  Mature size can really vary and they come in large variety of colors.

Liberty Mix Snapdragon - Photo credit: Harris Seed

Liberty Mix Snapdragon – Photo credit: Harris Seed

As we get closer to the end of April you will start these and other cold tolerant varieties like phlox, dusty miller and ornamental kale in the greenhouse.  You can feel comfortable leaving these plants out unless we have some unseasonable cold nights unlike petunias, impatiens and many others.  Keep in mind plants just brought home from the greenhouse are accustomed to warmer temperatures and would appreciate a slow introduction to those cool nights.