Just like planting outside in our yard we have to take a look at the same things when selecting plants for inside our homes. Water, light, and location are all things that will greatly affect the health of your houseplants.  All plants have a specific range of light and moisture that they need to be healthy. Plant tags, although brief, give you the basic information you need to care for that plant including a temperature range, amount of light and water requirements.

Selecting houseplants because you like the way they look is great, but if you are looking for a long term investment it is best to consider your spaces and then select plants accordingly.  Houseplants that are not grown in the best location are going to look unhealthy, grow poorly and be more susceptible to pests like mealy bugs and scale so picking correctly is important.

Light is usually the biggest obstacle to growing plants indoors and it can be difficult to figure out what kind of light you have so here are a few guidelines.  Most plants prefer either bright or high, medium or low light.  A bright room will have lots of light from windows, but not necessarily direct sunlight.  Direct sun through a sheer curtain is ok though.  An office area with lots of artificial light or an area 3-4 feet away from a sunless window, preferably west or east facing, can be considered medium light.   And finally low light is enough light to comfortably read by or about 8 feet or more from a window.  Cactus and succulents are some of the only indoor plants that will like the sun through a south facing window all day.

Stop in a Sargent’s and our staff can help you find the perfect plant to enhance your decor, brighten your spaces and give you a bit of green indoors this winter.