Grasses are an excellent addition to any garden that provide year-around enjoyment and interest in your garden. Grasses are deer resistant (YAY!) and have very few other insect or disease pests. Grasses are also very low maintenance and drought tolerant making them a very easy care plant.

Most grasses prefer full sun, but there are some that will take part sun.  They also come in a variety of heights and colors.  Grasses can be planted at anytime so now is a great time to get them in the ground.  Grasses can be planted as a specimen or focal point in a garden or used as a hedge or screen too.  Sedges and Hakonechloa grass can be used in shadier areas.

There are many varieties available but here are my favorites in the short, medium and tall categories.  Size may vary a bit because of maturity, soil and light conditions.

Small Under 2 Feet

  • Elijah Blue Fescue – 12″
  • Prairie Dropseed – 2′, a bit more with the wispy flowers

Medium 2-4 feet

  • Blue Heaven Little Bluestem – 4′
  • Shenandoah Switch Grass – 2-4′, fall color
  • Cheyenne Sky Switch Grass – 3′, fall color

Tallest of them all!

  • Avalanche Feather Reed Grass – 4-5′
  • Karl Foerster Feather Reed Grass – 5′
  • Heavy Metal Switch Grass – 5-6′
  • Northwind Switch Grass – 5-6′
  • Miscanthus Graziella – 5-6’
  • Miscanthus Silberfeder – 8’

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