Two types of bulbs popular this time of year – amaryllis and paperwhites.  Both do not require a cold period, are easy to plant and start plus they are  beautiful around the holidays for yourself or as a gift.

Paperwhites are members of the daffodil family and can be forced any time of year.  The beautiful small white flowers are very fragrant.  These bulbs only need about 3″ of root space so you don’t even need soil.  Plant the bulbs in stones, glass pebbles or soil.  You can also use a pretty glass or other unique container for these bulbs.  Add two inches of medium then add just enough to keep the bulbs upright and add water so that the base of the bulb stays wet.  Place in a sunny or very bright spot and wait.  Paperwhites will bloom about 4 weeks from planting.  Add a couple new bulbs every few weeks for continuous flowers.

Amaryllis are native to South America and have very large flowers.  They come in red, pink, white, and multi-color.  These are a little slower to bloom than paperwhites taking about 7-10 weeks.  Kits are available for amaryllis with the pot and soil, but you can also use your own container and potting mix.  The larger the bulb equals more flowers.  Plant the bulb so that the soil is to the neck where the bulb tapers, add water and put in the brightest location you can.

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