When it is this hot, even well watered plants can droop in the afternoon heat.  To keep your plants healthy and thriving..

  • Water veggies and annuals pots and baskets first thing in the morning before they get too dry. VegGarden
  • Keep tomato plants consistently watered to avoid blossom end rot.  A break in available moisture is a big cause of this fruit disease.
  • Young trees and shrubs can use an extra dose of moisture too.  A slow trickle of water at the base of the plant to soak the roots is just what they need.
  • Add mulch throughout your gardens to preserve moisture in the soil.
  • Check annual pots later in the day for water.  Smaller pots and baskets can dry out quickly on very hot and breezy days and may need another watering.
  • Water your lawn early in the day when temps are cooler and it is less windy.  More of the watered sprinkled will get down to the soil rather than evaporating in the wind and heat of the day.

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