If any of your houseplants spend the summer outside it is time to think about bringing them back inside.  It was just 48 degrees one morning at my house this last week so I once again need to find space indoors for my now larger plants.  By taking a few extra steps you can help minimize any issues you may otherwise bring indoors along with your plants.

  • One a warmer day, give your plant a gentle shower with the spray nozzle of your hose.  The water can help remove dirt and insects too.
  • Check leaves, stems and branches for signs of insects.  Don’t forget to check the undersides too.  Remove any insects and treat with an insecticidal soap or general purpose insecticide like Bonide Eight.  Read the label carefully to ensure the product is safe for your plants, some varieties can be sensitive.  Treating the plant with a systemic insecticide is also an option to treat any insect issues that many arise in the coming weeks.  The product is taken up into all parts of the plant and when insects feed they are exposed to the chemical and die. 0928151502b (1)
  • Finally remove any dirt and debris from the pot and saucer.  A good cleaning will help remove any other critters.  Also give the top inch or two of soil a good inspection so you don’t suddenly find a frog on your kitchen counter like I did last fall.

Sargent’s always has a large selection of green and blooming indoor plants for various light levels and care needs.  If you are looking for new plants to green-up your home stop at Sargent’s today.