Creating a miniature landscape or fairy garden can be enjoyable for all ages.  These cute, pint sized gardens planted with paths, tiny furniture, tools and more can be created for indoors or out.  This information should give you some suggestions for getting started on a miniature garden of your own.

Pick a container
Be creative when selecting containers.  Any pot with a saucer will work great and you can hide them inside a larger container, like a fun picnic basket.  Old wheelbarrows, bird bath tops, shallow containers are all good choices, but allow proper drainage to prevent soggy roots.

Add soil
Whether planting for indoors or out be sure to use quality potting soil.  A good potting mix will drain well, but also hold moisture and nutrients that the plants need.

Select plants
Once you decide where your miniature garden will live, pick the plants to suit that spot. Choose plants with small-leaves with small branches or stems that will stay small.  Also, look for slow growing plants such as miniature conifers that grow < 1” per year or slow-growing dwarfs at less than 3″ per year and plants that can stay small by pruning.  Herbs are also a smart choice because they stay small with just a little trimming, grow easily and offer wonderful fragrance.

Create paths and seating areas–add miniature fences, furniture, pots and garden tools.  Tables, benches, arbors, gates and many more items are available.


Keep the soil moist to the touch, but not soaking wet. To water, use a small watering can rather than a powerful spray hose that can wash away small materials. Trim plants when they overgrow their spaces.

Enjoy your fairy garden the memories it makes!