Somehow it is already August and if I look beyond the Japanese beetle damage and a few signs of disease in the garden it looks amazing!  We have had regular rainfall this summer with the added bonus of limited heat and the flowers are loving it.    August is a great time to enjoy the garden and all of the blooms with hardy black eyed susans and giant flowering hibiscus bursting with gorgeous blooms.   There are a still few gardening to-dos to keep in mind as you enjoy your beautiful landscape this month.

Make a Plan Now that your plants are their full size for season, make note of what could use dividing or moving as well as areas that have room for a few more plants. Shop Sargent’s late season sales to pick up some beautiful additions at a great price.


Keep it Clean Remove diseased leaves and branches to limit spread and to prevent disease popping up next year.

Encourage Blooms Deadhead spent annuals and perennials like these daisies to encourage more blooms and keep the garden looking beautiful.


Plant of Course! Late summer into fall is planting time!  Now is the perfect time to add trees, shrubs and perennials to your landscape.

Seed your Lawn  Mid-August through mid-September is the ideal time to seed a new lawn or reseed bare spots.  Sargent’s has the seed, soil, fertilizer, and tools to help you grow a lush green lawn.

Enjoy the Garden Indoors! I love a natural bouquet of fresh cut blooms from the garden. Add ornamental grasses, hosta leaves, Russian sage along with larger blooms for the perfect bouquet.