Is it OK to plant now?  That is the question I get asked the most often this time year.  Fall is a perfect time for planting. Evergreens can be planted through the month of October while trees and shrubs can even be planted  into November.  I still have a shrub or two to sneak into the ground and have no worries that they will grow and thrive for years to come, plus it is hard to pass on the late season deals we have going on.

Here are some general planting tips to get you started on the right foot. Most importantly, start with right plant in the right place.  Think about how much sun your spot has, what type of soil & drainage is in the area and know how large the area is.  Nothing is worse than planting something that gets too large in a tight spot.

Once you have the plant picked out, planting it is the easy part.   Dig the hole to the proper depth and size – the hole should be 2-3 times the size of the root ball and the top of the root ball should sit at or just above the soil level.   Planting too deep can cause problems down the road.  Back fill the hole with native soil and mix in compost or other organic matter.



Take advantage of our 5 Year Guarantee by using Myke with your planting.  Myke is a natural product that enhances root development and is great for late season planting PLUS you get a 5 year guarantee.

Water right after planting and once soaked in,  fill any soil depressions.   Water slow and deeply using a bucket with holes or a slow running hose.  Water right over the root ball and the area beyond.  Water daily for the first week or two, then every 2 or 3 days.  Check first 4-8 inches of soil, if dry or just damp then water.  Ease off in fall to encourage dormancy and then water well in late fall before ground freezes.

If you still have questions, call or stop in and the staff and Sargent’s will get you all the answers you need.