If you haven’t already dug in, this weekend will be the perfect time to get started on those beautiful container gardens we all enjoy so much!  Sargent’s has a greenhouse full of blooming annuals in every color of the rainbow and the recipe for your container to be a huge success.

It is impossible to go wrong with color.  Flowers are beautiful!   Pick the plants and colors you love from each of the groups below.  Be sure to choose the correct plants for your sunny or shady conditions.  Our staff is always available to make suggestions or Sargent’s is happy to plant your container for you.

Thrillers are the centerpiece or focal point of your container.  Choose tall, upright plants with eye-catching foliage or color and planted at back or center of the pot.   Grasses, spikes, angelonia, dahlia and large coleus are great options.

Filler plants are mounded plants that fill out the container. Pick begonias, coleus, lantana, petunias, even perennials like coral bells or smaller hosta in a contrasting leaf texture or color.

Lastly, Spiller plants soften the edges of the container and trail down.   Bacopa, sweet potato vine and million bells are all trailing options.

As a guideline, a 12-14″ pot will take about 5 – 4.5″ plants for a full container.  If you using larger plants you will need fewer.  Add several plants for each container size larger.   Be sure your containers have drainage holes and add a slower release fertilizer like Osmocote to keep your plants blooming all summer long.