Many customers have been in looking for ways to fight the moles trying to do serious damage to their lawns.  Moles are small mammals that dig their way through the soil with mole damage big, paddle like feet and in the process mound up tunnels of soil just below the surface of your lawn and in gardens.  Often the digging isn’t noticed until the grass starts to brown because it has been uprooted as the moles tunnel under the lawn.

Moles are best dealt with by using traps that kill each rodent and prevent them from having lots of baby moles.  Sargent’s favorite is the Mole Eliminator – easy to set and very effective, as many customers have shared with us.  There are also several repellents that can be used to deter moles from burrowing in your lawn.  MoleMax is available in both a liquid and a granular that is applied to your lawn.  MoleMax is castor oil based.  Once watered, the granular begins to give off a scent that repels the moles from the area.