The cool nights are coming!  The forecast for Tuesday night is in the upper 30s and then only 40s at night for the rest of the week.  These temps are too chilly for our indoor plants that have spent the summer outside.

If you haven’t already, move them back into the house or at least a garage where they will be warmer.  Once the plants come indoors their water and fertilizer needs change. Less light and growth reduces the amount of water needed. Fertilizing should also be reduced.  Keep a close eye out for insects on a regular basis.  Finding those critters early is the key to easy treatment.  Often people will use a systemic insecticide such as Bonide Houseplant Insect Control a couple of weeks before or right when moving the plants in to help minimize insect problems.

Be on the lookout for larger critters too. My daughter found a nice sized tree frog on the kitchen island Sunday night after I brought my prayer plant in off the porch.  This was even after I did a careful inspection plus cleaning of the pot and plant! The tree frog was quickly captured and released, but sure gave my daughter a surprise.