Yes, it is still May and some days it feels more like April than almost June, but here are five garden to-dos to keep on your list as we head into summer.

Weeds! Weeding is never on the top of anyone’s list, but early summer is really the time to pay the most attention to them.  Smaller weeds are easier to pull especially after a good rainfall which we have had plenty of so far.  Soon your garden plants will grown and fill in the bare spaces making it more difficult for weeds to take hold.  Mulch is also a great way to help minimize weeds and help retain soil moisture.

Garden Weeds

Divide We are a ways from the heat of summer and many perennials are still emerging and small enough to handle. Dig up the clump with a shovel  then use the blade or a garden knife to divide the clump into to several sections.  Be sure to get several shoots in each division along with a section of roots too.  Replant in the same space, relocate, add to new spot or share with friends and neighbors.


Relocate Many houseplants thrive in the outdoors during the warm summer months.  Move these plants into a shaded or dappled part of the yard and watch them grow.  Keep in mind they will likely need a bit more care, especially water, once they are outdoors.  Check regularly for insects as well.


Prune  Some shrubs are best pruned after they finish blooming in the spring. This is true for lilacs, spirea, magnolia, forsythia and a bit later weigela. Prune after blooming to reduce size, maintain the general shape and to remove spent flowers.  That should be all the pruning they need for the year! 


Plant  Now is the time to plant just about everything!  The temps are warm enough for pepper, tomatoes and melons in the garden along with blooming tropical plants and annuals.  Trees and shrubs will have almost the entire growing season to get established in  your landscape.