We wanted to let our customers know that the vendor who supplies our Marimo Moss balls has made a statement that all Marimo Moss balls sold by them are responsibly collected and put through a rigorous quarantine process to ensure safety and quality. All their shipments are inspected and clear by the USDA before received. Upon arrival, they quarantine and treat all Marimo for two weeks to fully eradicate pests, including Zebra Mussels. It’s in everyone’s best interest to remain vigilant regarding invasive species and they guarantee their plants 100% free of hitchhikers!
Marimo (Aegagropila Linnaei) are a highly unique and rare form of algae growth. They can only be found in locations such as Japan, Iceland, Scotland, and Estonia.
Wave movements cause Marimo to gradually form into spheres with a fuzzy, velvet-like texture. The majority of Marimo range from 2-2 ½ inches in diameter, with an estimated age of 8-15 years. Marimo are regarded as good luck charms and symbols of everlasting love in Japan. They are thought to represent close bonds between family members or friends and are often passed down as heirlooms.
Marimo require very little maintenance. They can be kept in cool (no warmer that 76 F) filtered water or in tap water that has been allowed to sit out overnight before use. Marimo do not need air, so they can survive in sealed or open containers!
Change the water for your Marimo once per week. You may find that your Marimo takes a few days to sink to the bottom of our container, which is an indication of air bubbles trapped inside. If desired, you can gently squeeze your Marimo while holding underwater to let the air bubbles out. Their spherical shape can be maintained best by gently agitating the water on a regular basis.
They prefer indirect light. Overly intense light may cause brown spots to appear on the surface.
Marimo grow very slowly, only about 5 millimeters per year. They can be cut into smaller pieces and these individual pieces will grow into separate nano Marimo over time!