The varieties of hydrangeas available continue to grow each year with breeders coming up with new sizes and colors of these reliable blooming shrubs.  Since the lack luster Endless Summer variety we now have many wonderful plants to choose from.

Get Bloomstruck!

If you don’t yet have a Bloomstruck Hydrangea you need one.  The shades of bloom colors on this shrub are nothing short of amazing with everything from pale greens and blues to purples and deep pink and almost magenta.



The photos are from two different Bloomstruck plants. More acidic soil gives more lavender to blue hues while more alkaline soil gives the pink colors. A simple soil amendment can alter the bloom color.Besides the beautiful blooms which make great cut and dried flowers too are the dark red stems, sturdy upright shape and dark green foliage.  Bloomstruck has died back almost to the ground for me the last three winters but shoots up to about 3-4′ tall and wide.


This white flowered hydrangea with strong stems is on the smaller size compared to other hydrangeas listed here.  Bobo will get about 3′ tall and 3-4′ wide so it is easier to squeeze into your landscape growing in full sun to part shade.  Hardy to Zone 3 too!


Pinky Winky

Proven Winners has hit another hydrangea home run with Pinky Winky and its giant pink and white blooms.  The large white panicles open in mid to late summer and the lower flowers begin to turn pink as the summer progresses. The white tips continue to grow during the season letting the flowers reach up to 16 inches in length!


Baby Lace

Baby Lace is a dwarf hydrangea growing to 3-4′ tall and wide for full sun to part shade.  The lacy white blooms make an excellent cut or dried flower.  Right now get 40% off all Baby Lace Hydrangeas in stock.


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