I did a little outdoor adventure with my 4 year old today. It was a big game of “Let’s see what we can find over here and there!”

As we ventured around the yard and looked in the gardens and under the leaves and yes, even in the couple of piles of snow left in the yard, there was life waiting to be found. Even in the middle of these crazy, uncertain times, signs and colors of Spring are starting to show. This makes me happy and gives me hope. 20200324_110028
Sedum are starting to show off their bright reds & greens, the tips of new Peony stems are beginning to poke through the dirt, Rhubarb in the garden and buds on the trees. Nature is still up and running. Things will green up and bloom, the grass will grow again and need to be mowed, produce will need to be harvested and yes, even the weeds will grow again.

We had read the book “Oh Say Can You Seed?” from The Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library and decided to start some of our own seeds.

Mostly flowers as chosen by my daughter. The excitement and curiosity in her face was a breath of fresh air. She can’t wait for her seeds to start growing!

I’m probably as guilty as the next person when I say I’ve been attached to my screen a little more than usual these days waiting to see what the next change will be. I challenge you to “unplug” and get outside for a bit. What’s happening in your gardens? What are some activities you’ve done with the children in your life while school has been out? What things around you make you hopeful for what’s to come?