It seems all the birds came back to my yard this weekend!  Rose breasted grosbeaks, cat birds, and orioles all made an appearance. Orioles with their beautiful, bright orange and black colors spend the winters in Florida, Central America and northern South America.  Orioles are common at bird feeders but not any feeder will do.  Orioles enjoy fruit and nectar.  Sargent’s has a variety of feeders that allow you to feed nectar, grape jelly, oranges or other fruit and even some feeders that have all three options.  Choose colorful orange feeders made from recycled plastic, beautiful wood feeders or nectar feeders.   Hang them now to have the best chance of attracting the birds.


Select the perfect feeder for your yard and wait for the orioles to make the area near your home their home for the summer.  The hummingbirds won’t be far behind!