So we haven’t even hit mid-March and all of our snow is just about gone and our daily low temps are more like the highs for a month from now.  These very early spring warm-ups cause a flurry of questions from gardeners about what to do.  One thing we can probably be sure of is that it will get cold again. The sun and humidity feel nice, but recall all the fruit tree damage we had just a few short years ago when all those too early blossoms were hit by normal cold temps.

One thing is certain – the weather is out of our control.  Our trees and shrubs are very adaptable to most weather challenges if they are otherwise healthy.   Resist the urge to get out and do too much too early since our perennials are a bit more tender.  So cut back your grasses, but keep winter mulch nearby so plants can be covered when those freezing temps make another appearance.  Now is also a great time to place your Spring Bareroot order.   Take advantage of this program by March 19 for savings on trees, fruits, and more.

You can also do tree and shrub pruning and it is still OK to prune your oak trees, but avoid walking around wet and mushy lawns and gardens which can cause soil compaction and damage plants too.  Enjoy the sun and Sargent’s Nursery will do our best to keep you informed and on track with your spring garden projects.