Have you heard the hype about re purposing pallets? Planting a pallet full of flowers makes perfect sense. Here are a few tips to follow when doing this project.

1. Choose a pallet that is in good condition, so that it’s sure to hold together. Nail any loose boards.
2. Attach a double layer of quality fabric weed barrier to the backside and bottom of the pallet using staples or nails. You’ll want to plant in the very top, so leave it open.
3. Prop the pallet up on one end approx. 6″ to create a slight angle.
4. Fill the pallet with soil, being sure to fill all of the way to the bottom and behind each board.
palletJune Annuals in a Pallet Garden5. Leaving the pallet  slightly propped up on one end, plant it with your favorite annual flowers. See plant suggestions below.
6. Now is your chance to move the pallet to a temporary growing space. Before you prop it up at a sharper angle, you’ll want to allow the flowers to take root. Two weeks will do wonders!
7. Water the plants deeply, so that all of the soil is saturated.
8. Once the flowers have taken root, prop up the pallet garden to display!
9. Continue to water your flowers daily. If it’s already wet, let it be. Fertilize once a week or at 1/4 strength daily.
10. Prepare yourself for compliments!!!

I created three pallet gardens last summer. I chose to display two of them near my patio, since they were full of bright colored flowers.

Chickens Happy to Have a Pallet Garden

Flowers that I recommend to use include, but are not limited to: Scaveola, Supertunias, Millionbells, Nemesia, Sweet Potato Vine and Ivy Geraniums.

My third pallet garden was dedicated to lettuce/veggies. I harvested a bit for my kitchen, but my main goal was to raise greens for my chickens! My children were thrilled to plant the veggie seeds. They also took great care to keep it watered and enjoyed watching it grow. Once the veggie pallet was mature I carried it into the chicken coop and watched them munch to their heart’s content.

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