It is almost that time of year again to plant bulbs that will bloom next spring. Spring favorites include colorful tulips, bright daffodils, huge purple alliums, crocus and scilla.  Bulbs are low maintenance plants that can give your spring garden all sorts of color without too much work from you.  Here are a few tips to planting them in your garden.
DSCF5495  • The bulbs should be planted when the temperatures in the evening average between 40° to 50 ° F. Also they need to be in the ground 6 weeks prior to freezing.
• Loosen up the soil. Plant them as deep as 2-3 times the height of the bulb or follow the label.
• Plant in groups of 8 or more bulbs in each planting area.
• Plant the bulb with the pointy side is up.
• Once planted in the ground give it a good drink of water.