Hopefully we get a break from the rain so we can all get out and finish planting our gardens. Whether you are planting in the garden, a raised bed or other container Sargent’s has a huge selection of herb and vegetable plants as well as garden seeds too. The greenhouse is full of peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, cabbage and more but we also have some other unique offerings. Available selection changes often so stop out soon or call to check on what we have in stock.

Can you smell it? Nothing beats fresh basil on pasta, pizza, salads and whatever else your taste buds desire. Sweet basil is a great general use basil but we also carry thai and purple varieties too. Other herbs available, often in several varieties, include borage, sage, cilantro, parsley, mint, rosemary, dill, oregano, thyme, chives and lemon balm.



Looking for a little or a lot of heat in your meals and salsa this summer? Sargent’s has the hot pepper selection for you with jalapenos, ghost peppers, habanero, serrano, fatalii and more plus bell pepper and banana pepper options too.



The first fresh BLT of the season seems so far away but get a jump start with tomato plants and heirlooms for sandwiches, salsa, sauces, and canning.  Choose from heirlooms like ‘Brandywine’, ‘Cherokee Purple’ and ‘Marriage Perfect Flame’ or other varieties such as ‘Better Boy’, ‘Early Girl’, ‘Super Fantastic’ and ‘Sugary’.  Available in 4 packs or 3″ plants, heirlooms are in 4″ pots.


Squash starts easy from seed but get a jump start with plants!  Winter squash varieties like ‘Butternut’, ‘Honey Bear’ and ‘Sweet Dumpling’.  Summer squash ‘Yellow Crookneck’ is also available. Find these and other great veggies at Sargent’s for fresh and healthy eating all summer long.