Here’s a few simple tips to ensuring that the trees, shrubs and other plants you take home will grow and thrive for years to come.

First, start with right plant in the right place. Many plants have specific needs to grow and thrive.  Be aware of soil pH and drainage.  Some plants do not tolerate being too wet or too dry.  Any time is a good ti e to plant, spring and fall are easiest on plants, but don’t plant in mid-July and then leave for a week though

Dig the hole so it is 2-3 times as wide as the container your plant came in. Dig the hole deep enough so the soil level in the pot is at or just above surrounding soil.  Planting trees too deeply can affect the plant down the road causing death or decline.  Amend the soil at planting time to give your plants the best growing environment.  Mix compost or manure with existing soil before backfilling the planting hole and avoid using more than 50% of any amendment.


Planting shrubs and perennials

Fertilize at planting time with Bonide Root & Grow Plant Starter or take advantage of our 5 year guarantee offered on most trees and shrubs by using Myke Tree & Shrub natural root stimulator.

Watering is the final and most important part .  Water right after planting, saturating the soil around the root ball.  Once the water has drained, fill any soil depressions and water again.  Be careful to not over water or under water – slow, deep watering is best with a slow running hose or a special tree soaker hose.  Water 1-2 gallons per watering for most container trees .  Check the first 4-8 inches of soil, if it is dry or just damp then water.