Changes in the USDA Plant Hardiness
Zone Map for Minnesota and Wisconsin

Did you hear? The USDA updated its Plant Hardiness Zone Map for the first time in more than 10 years!
The 2023 map shows that half of the country has shifted to warmer zones over the last decade, which means many gardeners may be able to grow plants that would not previously survive in their part of the country.
Red Wing has NOT changed zones, so we will not change how we sell and label plants here at Sargent’s Nursery.
We may be able to source specific plants for interested people, in closeby communities, like Hastings, which is one of the areas that’s shifted from 4b to 5a. To see if your home growing area has changed zones, see the interactive map here at the USDA website.
To find out if we can source a plant for you, please give us a call! 651-388-3847