Pocket Gardens


Planting ‘pocket gardens’ is another way you can help pollinators in your own yard! A pocket garden is a smaller space filled with flowering plants, trees, and shrubs that pollinators love! Sargent’s has almost everything you need to design and build one based on your needs. Below are links to four types of pollinator-friendly gardens that you can build based on your yard. These templates are a wonderful resource to help you get started!

New Methods. Traditional Look

Sargent's Legacy Beautification Project

We want everyone to know, too, that Pollinator-friendly gardens don’t have to have a wild, native-prairie aesthetic…they sure can–and we love that look–but you can also have a much more formal, tidy, or traditional look if that’s what appeals to you most!

When Sargent’s planted the Legacy Garden down at Bay Point park in 2018-2019, this is exactly what our designers had in mind. We donated this garden with the idea that it could show our community a really tidy take on a critical way for everyone to support habitat for bees and butterflies. Take a drive and check it out!