Pondless Waterfall in Action

We love a great water feature and are head over heels with this pondless waterfall…designed and installed by our MNLA professionals in 2021, it’s bringing incredible enjoyment to the homeowners in Red Wing and we’re eager to tell folks about this water feature option and all of its benefits. [Read more below the video]

Benefits of a Pondless Waterfall

There are a number of benefits to having a water feature as a part of your landscape, but the pondless waterfall is really special for several reasons:

  1. Safety
    Shallow, moving water is safer for families with children
  2. Soothing Sound
    The babbling of a constantly moving waterfall offers natural screening of the sounds of traffic or other noisy neighborhood clamor. Moving water is also shown to have an incredibly calming effect on the nervous system, so a pondless waterfall adds relaxation as well as beauty to your yard.
  3.  Birds
    Birds love to pop in and cool off in a stream. If you’re a bird-lover, this is a great way to bring more birds to your yard than you can with conventional feeders alone.
  4.  Maintenance
    Without standing water–and the muck that can accumulate with traditional ponds–pondless waterfalls are easier to maintain than traditional ponds. AND with integrated water clarity systems available, animal and plant safe chemicals are automatically dispensed to keep your water crystal clean all season long!

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