Pussy Willows have become an iconic symbol of springtime. Their fuzzy, bud-covered branches make great cuttings to bring indoors, celebrating the beginning of spring and extending excitement of the season to come! While this is probably enough reason for winter-weary foks to love them, get ready to fall in love with the pussy willow for a whole new reason! Salix discolor, as the Pussy Willow is formally known, is a North American shrub that’s a real rockstar in the ecosystem. This plant plays a crucial role in providing food and shelter for a ton of critters in Minnesota and is known as a “Keystone Species.”

A keystone species is one that plays a crucial role in maintaining the structure and function of an ecosystem. Keystone species have a disproportionately large impact on the ecosystem relative to their abundance or biomass.The removal or reduction of a keystone species can cause significant changes to the ecosystem, often leading to a loss of biodiversity and ecological stability. In other words, keystone species are essential for maintaining the health and diversity of ecosystems.

Keystone species can have different ecological roles, such as providing food and shelter for other species, controlling the populations of other species, or modifying the physical environment. The importance of keystone species lies in their ability to regulate the structure and function of ecosystems. They help to maintain ecological balance, stability, and resilience and protecting and conserving these species is critical for the preservation of biodiversity and the sustainability of ecosystems.

In Minnesota, birds and small mammals use the twigs and branches of the Salix discolor as a cozy hideaway and its leaves and catkins are like a buffet for a whole bunch of insects, like butterflies and moths. Plus, this plant is a superhero when it comes to preventing soil erosion and stabilizing river and stream ecosystems. It can even handle flooding like a champ!

It’s no wonder Salix discolor is considered a keystone species – it’s a total MVP! So why not invite this superstar into your own yard and enjoy all the benefits it has to offer? You won’t regret it!


Sargent’s carries both weeping (L) and upright (R) pussy willows for your landscape. Stop in and explore which is right for your yard with our customer service associates!