Learn how to use less soil in large flower pots or containers in this video!

There are many other great tips to make container gardening EASY. Here are five that you may not have thought to consider:
1. Most flowers that are planted in pots or containers are heavy feeders. Mix in a slow-release fertilizer within the soil, so that each time you water, they’re getting a helpful dose if nutrients.
2. Use a soilless mixture because it is uniform, sterile and lightweight. Most bagged potting soils are like this.
3. A product named, Soil Moist is useful to add to the root zone within the potting mix to aid in moisture retention. If you struggle to water your flowers each day, this will be helpful. Learn more about Soil Moist  here.
4. A container of flowers can only be successful if there is drainage in the pot. Make sure there are holes for excess water to escape.
5. Know where your pot will be placed, before shopping for flowers. Select flowers that perform well with the amount of light that there is to offer.

Look for future blog posts that discuss choosing the right flowers for your container!

Annual Flowers in Pots